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Bee Well Clinic

Our Bee Well Clinic is a school-based primary care clinic serving students and employees of BCSD and their families.

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Last year, our national efforts resulted in the following:

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One of our amazing partners, Sonnequne Cooper, works with the Bee Strong Grant through CISMBC at the Baldwin County Early Learning Center. With this grant, we provide support to children and families who have an incarcerated loved one. Families have the opportunity to receive mental health services if needed and weekly wellness check phone calls. Each family participates in special sessions focused on Healthy Living, Literacy, Healthy Eating, and School Transition. At the end of session one, after learning about healthy living/cleaning and how to effectively use a fire extinguisher, families received a basket full of cleaning supplies (over $400.00 worth of supplies). After discussing literacy in session two, each family received a book caddy with books, games, crayons/markers. Following the healthy eating session, families received an air fryer, cook book, oven mitts and other supplies. They also received a 2-week free pass for Bodyplex Milledgeville from Mrs. Lina Sealy. During the fourth session, students will receive school supplies, uniforms, and shoes.This grant also provided opportunities for children to receive individual tutoring to help strengthen areas of academic weakness. The students made great progress and the families were very appreciative of all they received. CISMBC is grateful for the opportunity to care for Baldwin County School District students in school and beyond. See MoreSee Less
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Seticia Smith, Baldwin County Teacher of the Year, was recognized on Saturday, June 11th by the Chamber of Commerce at their annual Awards Dinner and Gala. Congratulations to Coach Smith! Baldwin County School District See MoreSee Less
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JE, a third grader at Lakeview Academy, was at risk of being retained. CISMBC started working with him twice a week to help with reading. Not only will JE be moving on to the fourth grade, but he demonstrated the most growth on his MAP scores in the entire class and received an honor on Honor’s Day! We are so proud of his amazing accomplishments! See MoreSee Less
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